15 to Finish: Get Ahead and Graduate On Time
  • What is 15 to Finish?

    15 to Finish is a nationwide initiative to encourage students to take 15 units a semester so that they can graduate on time. Taking 15 units costs the same as taking 12 units, studies show you perform better academically when taking 15 units, and you graduate with less debt. So why not take 15 units? You can do it!

    How do you Finish in Four?

    • Check out the Map to Success, an interactive roadmap that can direct to the campus resources best suited to ensuring your experiences at Cal Poly Humboldt are the best they can be, and helping you succeed in your academic career and beyond!
    • Check your Major Academic Plan (MAP) to ensure you are taking the right classes for your degree. Check in regularly with your academic advisor to craft the individual course of study that's right for you!

    • Plan out your time at Humboldt by using the DARS Degree Planner. Check out the planning resources at the Registrar's Class Schedule page, including the Five-Year Course Rotations, to ensure that your plan matches your department's planned offerings

    • Take the Golden Four classes within the first 60 units. The Golden Four classes are Area A GE requirements (Written & Oral Communication, and Critical Thinking) and lower division GE Math. Taking these four classes as early as you can (ideally within your first 60 units) will help prepare you with the skills you'll need to be successful 

    • A study at the University of Hawai'i system found that students who attempted 15 units or more had higher grades and better success than students taking fewer units; momentum is important!

    • The College of Extended Education & Global Engagement offers summer courses to help students who have fallen behind a chance to catch up; students must complete 30 units each year in order to graduate in four years!
    • Use this awesome tool, the General Education Tracker, to ensure you are taking all of the right GE classes. After filling it out and going over it with your academic advisor, be sure to update your DARS Degree Planner with these classes.

Resource of the Week!

Take advantage of this week's campus resource that helps make taking 15 units more manageable.


This Week's Resource:
Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence

The Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence are culturally based support programs designed to provide Humboldt students with networks that blend cultural, community, and faculty engagement with structured mentoring. They aim to assist students in reaching their academic and career goals. They work to empower students as they navigate college that honors their culture.

Click here to learn more.